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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Bee Control

Can I perform bee removal by myself?

One thing to be cautious of when performing a removal yourself is that bees and ants become quite territorial of their nests and will respond to you as a threat. We strongly encourage home and business owners to allow the experts to handle these cases for them, in order to prevent injury.

What is the difference between Africanized and European bees?

Although Africanized bees may not technically be considered more venomous, they have been known to be more aggressive. Africanized bees have been known to sting more times than any other type of bee when attacking an animal.

What should I do when being attacked by a bee or other stinging insect?

When being attacked, immediate try to cover your head and face and run to an enclosed area as quickly as possible.

Is your team licensed, insured, and bonded?

Absolutely! We are also extensively trained to handle all of your bee and stinging insect needs. When you call The Bee Man for service, you can be assured that you will receive expert care and complete service.

Do you specialize in removing other pests besides bees?

We do. We are licensed to work in the extermination of fire ants and in the removal of birds’ nests and droppings. When you can’t seem to keep the pests away from your home, we can help!

How are fire ants different from regular ants?

Fire ants have extremely large colonies and should never be sprayed or treated by anyone but a professional pest control operator. They do bite and will attack in very large numbers if you walk on their nest or are seen as a threat in any way.

If a homeowner or other nonprofessional sprays fire ant mounds as they would regular ants, the fire ants will spread and infest the area. They are extremely difficult to eliminate and control. Call us immediately if you suspect or know you have fire ants!

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