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Since 1977, The Bee Man has provided expert bee control and removal services to both residential and commercial customers all throughout Southern California. The Bee Man is bonded, licensed and insured. Knowing the urgency of bee related issues, we are available 24/7 for emergency services if needed. The Bee Man will offer free phone estimates as well as military, church, senior citizen, and volume discounts.


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"Could I perform bee removal on my own?" Read our FAQ page for the answer to this and many other frequent questions we're asked about stinging insects and our services. Do you have more questions? Just call!

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Professional Bee Removal in Norco

Why are we professionally qualified to handle all of your bee and pest issues at Bee Removal Norco CA? To answer that question, it is important for you to understand our history.

We humbly started as beekeepers and soon became experts in how bees interact with one another. As bee populations steadily grew, we began to notice that there was a need for a community resource that understood how to handle bees on a level that wasn’t available in the area.

A typical pest control technician may help for a little while, but a bee expert is what makes the real difference!

Bonded, Licensed & Insured Bee Expert in Norco

What could you receive by contacting Bee Removal Norco CA? Rest assured that we are professionally licensed, insured, and bonded, as well as professionally trained to handle all your bee and pest needs. We are certified experts in handling the Africanized bee and virtually any and all types of stinging insect that may be pestering your home, your business, and you.

Prompt Response

We pride ourselves in giving fast responses to your bee needs. We understand that our customers are contacting us due to an issue or potential threat that they see. In order to give top-quality customer care, we strive to deal with each request in a very quick manner.

Inquire about Our Great Prices

As professional Norco bee removal technicians, you will be pleased with our great prices. Depending upon the complexity of the job and how often you'd like us to return, the costs will vary, but they will also remain affordable.

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