Learn About the Honeybee Vaccine

VarroaSense is the first honeybee vaccine of its kind, developed by a group of researchers at the University of Helsinki in Finland. The vaccine aims to protect honeybees from the Varroa mite, which is a parasitic insect that feeds on the bees' blood. The parasite can weaken or even kill bees. It is thought to be one of the greatest threats to honeybees globally. The vaccine introduces a harmless strain of the deformed wing virus (DWV) into the honeybees. The...

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How Far Can Honeybees Fly?

When searching for nectar, pollen, water, and plant resins, honey bees fly as little as possible but as far as is required. Honey bees attempt to preserve energy much like the rest of us, and you don't need to go further if all you require is already outside your door. The same is true with honey bees; they fly only as far as is necessary. But bear in mind that honey bees require more than just food, and they also...


6 Fascinating Facts About Bees

Everyone knows bees are responsible for our favorite honey products and for pollinating the flowers. Despite this, there is much more to these buzzing creatures. Even if you consider yourself an expert on bees, you might be astonished to learn the following information directly from our Orange County bee removal specialists: 1. Bee stings have some health advantages. Wait…what?! A toxin contained in bee venom called melittin may protect from HIV. Melittin can kill HIV by opening up the virus's protective...

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Do’s and Don’ts of Bee Removal in Orange County

Are you thinking of an approach to bee removal in Orange County? If so, we have created a do’s and don’ts guide based on our expert opinion. Bee removal can be a tricky, labor-intensive process for amateurs. You could encounter an estimated 10,000 to 60,000 or more bees, depending on the size and age of the hive near your home. If you do not go about bee removal properly, you could be dealing with extreme stings and wind up...

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Eco-friendly And Natural Methods of Bee Removal

The number of honey bees is decreasing. Because they pollinate, bees are among the most significant insects because this enables the growth of food. Farmers can also rent Beehives to fertilize their crops. Therefore, getting rid of bees without killing them is better if you have a bee problem. Who doesn't enjoy honey, too? We wouldn't have honey without honey bees. That is why we try to avoid killing them whenever possible. The following techniques will help you get...

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Teaching Kids All About Bees!

At The Beeman, the #1 bee removal in Orange County, we are passionate about teaching the general public the wonders of the world of bees. To many people, because they may sting, bees might seem like something to be avoided, but they are an essential component of our environment. We might not have flowers, fruits, vegetables, or other vegetation if it weren't for bees. In actuality, bees are crucial to our world. People may develop a new respect for...


Natural Bee Repellents for Your Home

Bees, especially honeybees, are some of the most important creatures in our ecosystem. As they fly around in search of nectar, they carry around pollen from different plants, allowing them to reproduce. They also prevent inbreeding between different plants, which can be very bad for them. Simply put, they’re crucial to keeping our ecosystems alive and thriving! Over the recent years, some species of the bee population have been dying out. Many open spaces where bees used to live have...


How to Treat Bee Stings at Home

Unless you’re moderately to severely allergic to bee stings, in which case you need medical assistance right away, bee stings are more of an annoyance than a concern. It’ll hurt and itch for a while, but you’re going to come out of it A-OK with no serious complications. So, if you just got hit with a nasty bee sting and are wondering how to cure it with common things found around your home, then we’ve got you covered! Here is...


A Beginner’s Guide to Bee and Wasp Protective Clothing

At The Bee Man, we value the safety of our trusted bee and wasp removal specialists. That’s why whenever we step foot on your property, we’re covered from head to toe with the best protective clothing that money can buy. That way, we can easily remove all bees and wasps from your property without being harmed and continue to service all of Orange County and most parts of Southern California. The same protective clothing is worn by beekeepers all over...


6 Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Honey is a sweet treat that’s loved all around the world. Made by bees from the nectars of flowering plants, it is a thick, viscous liquid in various shades of yellow and orange. Honey can be incorporated into food in all sorts of ways—it can be used to sweeten tea or coffee, added to baked goods as an alternative to sugar, used to marinate meats, or even eaten as-is with honeycomb and all! The composition of raw honey can vary...

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