Our Story

Our History

The Bee Man originally started out as beekeepers. Orange County became more residential and commercial than agricultural, and the bees began to impact the people of the county by establishing colonies and honeycomb in structures. As the problems with bees increased, so did the demand for a company with extensive bee knowledge and professionalism. The requests for servicing bees in structures grew in number, and it was necessary for The Bee Man to become specialized in dealing with the removal and control of bees and other stinging insects. We pride ourselves on our quick response time and our 24/7 availability. We are also pleased with our reputation for thoroughness and efficiency in completing jobs. We have developed exceptional and long-standing relationships with the Municipality, Business and Residential Communities of Southern California for over 40 years.

Who We Are

One of the most important policies of our company is regarding pesticides. The crews are trained to use all products safely. Our company uses as little of any given product as possible by emphasizing the use of integrated pest management (no chemicals). The crews are trained to check all areas for toys and containers of pet food and/or water before they treat an area. The crews are trained to be courteous, thorough, and efficient not only in their behavior but also in the handling of equipment and ladders. The crews are trained to check their work and leave the work area clean before leaving an area.

The Bee Man Through the Decades