About The Bee Man

Jerry Bryant (The Bee Man) Portrait

The Bee Man

Jerry Bryant

About The Bee Man

“Doing the job right the first time” is the mantra of Jerry Bryant, Owner and CEO of The Bee Man.  Passionate about helping people, being in nature and working with insects and animals, he found that removing bees from unwanted places was a natural fit.

Jerry raised his family in Orange County and has been a resident of Mission Viejo for over 40 years. In his free time, Jerry participates in Toastmasters and mentors others for public speaking. He is also presently on the Orange County Pest Control Board and is involved with several Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations. Jerry has been called upon to speak at the Pest Control Association, schools, homeowner’s associations, along with commercial businesses and management companies.

Jerry’s Love Of Education And Speaking

With an education in Business Management and Psychology, Jerry is enthusiastic about doing Public Relations work for The Bee Man.  He finds educating people about bees and interfacing with politicians in Sacramento very fulfilling. He is also available as a speaker to educate children and adults about bee biology and behavior.