Yellow Jacket Removal

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Need yellow jacket removal? California yellow jackets are very often mistaken for bees. The length of the yellow jacket and honeybee is the same. However, their colors are brighter, the wings of the yellow jacket are longer, the body is thinner and the tail is more pointed than that of the honeybee. The yellow jacket is a protein eater; it eats bugs, and it is the uninvited guest at your picnics and barbeques when you eat outside.

Yellow Jacket Removal Of Colony

The yellow jacket has a queen and a colony and builds a very complicated nest with whatever materials it can find. This can include insulation and sheetrock (drywall). Because of this, if the insect is nesting in your wall or your attic, it will use the drywall or sheetrock (you might even hear a scratching noise that many people mistake for mice), and eventually, there will be nothing there but paint or sprayed acoustics materials. This creates a soft spot on the wall or ceiling. Also, small holes appear in the soft spot and instinctively the yellow jacket perceives these holes as another way to come and go from their nesting area. Eventually, yellow jackets may break through your wall or ceiling and end up inside your house or structure.

The solution is to call a professional and have the nest or the colony removed. Yellow jackets like to build their nest under things. They will build their nest in the ground, in your attic under your insulation, behind trees that lean against buildings or structures, etc.

Yellow jackets are extremely defensive of their territory and if you disturb their nest, they will come at you in large numbers. They do not lose their stingers and can sting you more than once.

Key points to remember about yellow jacket removal:

  • Yellow jackets look similar to bees but have brighter colors
  • They are protein eaters and go after meats and sweet drinks at picnics and barbeques
  • Yellow jackets make nests in two types of places: in structures and underground
  • They are extremely defensive, don’t lose their stinger, and sting more than once

Yellow jackets are extremely temperamental and should only be removed by a professional. The Bee Man can safely remove your yellow jacket infestation.