Scout Bees

Scout bees - A bee colony's real estate agent. Call The Bee Man for any scout bee inspection needs at (949) 455-0123.Scout Bees

Scout bees are the colony’s real estate agents. From a swarm’s resting place, approximately 50 – 100 bees will fly off to look for a safe controlled environment, which instinctively meets their criteria. Any enclosed structure that has at least 1/8 – 1/4 inch opening will give access to the bees. Bees like to hive in these areas.

Generally, the cracks in stucco, openings in wood siding, chimneys, and flashing around chimneys, will provide access for bees. Once a location is found, they return to the swarm and lead them to the new location. Within an hour after arriving, the swarm will be inside the new location. The bees will start building their hive (putting up their wax structure) within 26 to 30 hours of their arrival. This requires beehive removal to prevent property damage.

Trapped Inside A Home

Sometimes scout bees accidentally wind up inside peoples’ homes. They usually come through the fireplace, vents, or canned lighting. These lost bees always fly straight for the light source in the rooms, which is generally the window. They do not go after pets or people unless provoked. In trying to get out of the window, they flap their wings so hard and fast that they dehydrate and die within hours. At this point, you can vacuum them up. Make sure no one steps on them and accidentally stings themselves.

Key points to remember about scout bees:

  • Scout bees hover around a general area in groups of 50-100, flying around and in and out of gaps to see if they can make a suitable new beehive.
  • They can be present searching areas of the house for up to 3 days.
  • Favorite entry points include chimneys, vents, and/or canned lighting.
  • If they are getting inside the house through the fireplace, residents can shut the flu and tape a black plastic bag over the fireplace to block out the light that attracts the bees.
  • Scout bees do NOT want to attack anyone inside the house and will go to the window like a magnet until they die.
  • Once a location is found, scout bees fly back to the resting swarm and communicate their findings to the queen and colony.

The Bee Man can help break the communication with the scout bees and their colony by treating the scouted areas. We advise residents to permanently seal all gaps and openings to help prevent future bee access.