6 Fascinating Facts About Bees


6 Fascinating Facts About Bees

Everyone knows bees are responsible for our favorite honey products and for pollinating the flowers. Despite this, there is much more to these buzzing creatures. Even if you consider yourself an expert on bees, you might be astonished to learn the following information directly from our Orange County bee removal specialists:

1. Bee stings have some health advantages. Wait…what?!

A toxin contained in bee venom called melittin may protect from HIV. Melittin can kill HIV by opening up the virus’s protective shell. (However, when delivered by particular nanoparticles, melittin will bounce off healthy cells and not harm them.) The toxin may be used in preventative gels, claimed by the researchers from Washington University in St. Louis.

Bee stings may also lessen rheumatoid arthritis pain. According to studies from the University of Sao Paulo, substances in bee venom cause your body to create more of the anti-inflammatory hormone glucocorticoid.

Of course, you’ll still want to avoid being stung!

2. When a bee takes on a new job, their brains literally change.

Imagine if your brain chemistry changed every time you performed a different everyday task. Bees have a hardwired set of functions. Scout bees are naturally intrepid since they search for new food sources. Soldier bees have acted as a security force since their discovery in 2012. One percent of all middle-aged bees remove dead bees from the hive due to an inherited brain pattern. The incredible thing is that common honeybees, who work many jobs during their lives, will change their brain chemistry before starting a new task.

3. Bees help us combat illnesses.

Propolis, a chemical produced by poplar and evergreen trees, is used by bees to fortify their colonies. It is essentially beehive glue. Bees use it as caulk, but humans use it to fight off bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Studies show that beehive propolis can help treat various conditions, including eczema, herpes, and cavities.

4. Bees are capable of having individual thoughts and emotions.

Even in beehives, there are workers and shirkers. According to a study from the University of Illinois, not all bees can be utilized as interchangeable drones. Some bees are a little warier, while others are adventurers. A 2011 study found that anxious honeybees can even show pessimism, suggesting that bees occasionally experience emotions. They teach us a lot, yet they are not always the kindest creatures, much like us. In an emergency, be sure you know where the closest Irvine, CA bee removal is.

5. Bees as mathematicians. 

Mathematicians claim that this “flying salesman issue” can stump some computers. Bumblebees can, however, do it swiftly. According to experts at Royal Holloway University in London, Bumblebees use the quickest route between flowers. They are the only animals that have, as of yet, discovered a solution.

6. Bees produce jobs for people, too. 

That, of course, includes The Beeman’s Orange County bee removal service.

Every year, the average American consumes about 1.51 pounds of honey. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, honeybees pollinate up to 80% of the nation’s insect crops, which translates to bees pollinating more than $15 billion worth of produce annually.