How to Handle Hives and Swarms

Bee and Wasp Exterminators Advise Workers on How to Handle Hives and Swarms

Taking measures against beehive at your workplace with neither expert assistance from bee and wasp exterminators nor adequate knowledge about bee behavior can put anyone in the hive’s immediate vicinity at risk. That is why companies need to have a guide on how to respond to bee-related emergencies and a first aid protocol for bee-induced injuries like stings. Essential Tips for Dealing with Bees and Wasps For workplaces that have bee or wasp hives near them, it’s imperative that employees are [...]

bee close up

Your Local Bee and Wasp Exterminators Explain Why Honey Bees are Drawn to Roofs

Not many people think of sweet, delicious honey as something that could cause a problem. However, it stops being so sweet once you find it staining your walls and flowing down your drain pipes, and it usually begins where you least expect it — your roofs and shingles. Know more about this invasion, what it means for your roof, and how bee and wasp exterminators can help. Why Honey Bees Love Infesting Roofs Honey bee scouts are tasked to find the [...]

Swarm and Bee Removal

Swarm & Bee Removal in Orange County: What You Need to Know

It’s springtime once again, and plants are in full bloom all over Southern California. With plants beginning to grow and a high amount of agricultural activity, bees and wasps also become more prevalent this time of the year. As such, the demand for expert bee removal in Orange County is also expected to grow. Got bee swarm on your property? Bee swarms come with pros and cons. At times, however, the cons outweigh the pros especially when you or a family [...]

Honeycomb bee

Determining the Presence of Honeycomb: A Crucial Component of Bee Removal in Orange County

Bee invasion is one of the most disturbing things that can happen at any property. Bees can easily sneak in the corner of your home and claim space, making bee removal in Orange County a big challenge. In addition, knowing how to get rid of bees depends on a lot of factors — including the presence of honeycomb. Signs that Honeycomb is Present Determining the presence of honeycomb is a vital part of bee removal. It helps prevent possible architectural damage [...]


Bee and Wasp Removal 101: How to Tell the Difference between Bees’ Hives and Nests

Bee and wasp colonies can spell trouble for homeowners. Beehives and nests near a populated area can put people in danger, increasing the risk of stings and weakening the structural integrity of your home. To control the bee and wasp population in your property, the best solution is to call a bee and wasp removal service to handle the problem professionally. But first, learn to distinguish whether it’s beehive or a wasp nest that has sprouted in your home. This [...]

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Keep Children Safe from Stings with Bee Removal in Orange County

Kids are more vulnerable than adults when it comes to bee stings. As you wait for bee removal in Orange County – or right after you see the very first bees in your home – there are several steps you can take to keep the little ones safe from harm. How to Protect Children Against Bee Stings One minute they’re playing peacefully in the garden, and before you know it, the kids are running up to you with angry red marks [...]

Group of Bees

Fast Facts: Things You Should Know About Bee and Wasp Removal

Bees are beneficial for the environment, but unless you’re a professional beekeeper, bees buzzing in your home and your property are always bad news. Always call the pros for bee and wasp removal at the first sign of these stinging pests. In the meantime, remember these fast facts to keep you and your loved ones safe while The Bee Man makes their way to your home ASAP. What You Should Know About Bees Bees can attack for reasons you’re not aware of. Bees [...]

close up bee

The Bitter Truth about Honey Bee and Wasp Removal

Honey bees are beneficial for pollination and producing delicious, golden honey. Once you see them buzzing around your home, however, it’s time to call The Bee Man for professional bee and wasp removal. Without correct and timely intervention, it’s only a matter of time before people and pets get stung, not to mention the potential structural damage to your property. Identifying Honey Bees From afar, honey bees look similar to other bee types and yellow jackets. Identifying honey bees is a [...]

Difference Stinging Insects

Bee and Wasp Removal 101: Spot the Difference between Those Stinging Insects

There’s a lot of buzzing around your house lately, but you can’t tell if those are wasps or bees. It’s easy to confuse these insects for one another— they both sting, they attack when provoked, and they’re unwelcome, dangerous pests that require immediate bee and wasp removal. Knowing the differences between these two is important to determine the right treatment for wounds, minimize damage, and determine the next steps for pest control. Appearance Carpenter bees, bumblebees, and honey bees have a fat, [...]

TBM Honeycomb Removal

Are Bees Buzzing in Your Home? Here Are Five Things to Avoid As You Wait for Professional Bee Removal in Orange County

So you start seeing a few bees flying around your home. What’s the first thing you do? If it’s not to immediately call for professional bee removal in Orange County, then you’re setting yourself up for more trouble ahead. 5 Don’ts to Remember Bee and wasp removal is an issue that many homeowners will face at one time or another. It’s important to remember that ideal bee removal methods vary greatly, and without the right set of experience, skills, and tools, [...]