Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Bee Removal in Orange County

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Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Bee Removal in Orange County

While bees and wasps are valuable contributors to the environment as pollinators, their presence is seldom actively invited. Some species of these insects are unpredictable and aggressive. The Africanized honeybees, for instance, are likely to attack humans and animals that get too close to their hives. Such an event is cause for alarm, and expert bee removal in Orange County should be called immediately.

bee removalThe Advantages of Expert Bee Removal

Should you encounter bees on your property, do not attempt to handle them on your own. Destroying beehives doesn’t do anything. Even if you destroy it, another will only take its place since the wax-smelling remnants of the previous nest lure other colonies.  The scent is discernable from miles away.

Seek expert help immediately. Here’s why bee removal in Orange County is best left to the professionals:

  1. Expert removal is crucial for hard-to-reach places.

Honeybees sometimes nest in voids like vents, hollow walls, and crawl spaces. This complicates the removal process since the hive is likely lodged deep into a building’s structure.

Homeowners who attempt to destroy such nests on their own often do more harm than good in the long run. Most only provoke the usually docile insects into aggression. Pest management professionals, on the other hand, know exactly what to do to remove the hive efficiently and without causing damage to the affected property.

  1. Professional bee removal solutions are safer for the environment.

Most DIY bee removal chemicals, such as pyrethroid and allethrin, can harm those who are exposed to their toxic fumes and solutions. More often than not, the chemicals linger in the treated areas. With bee and wasp exterminators, this is not a concern.

Professionals rely on solutions that are safer for both people and the environment. Some even offer live bee removal, which involves getting rid of the insects without killing them.

  1. Bee exterminators know how to deal with aggressive bees.

Do-it-yourself removal is dangerous, especially when there are thousands of bees living in the hive. These bees will do anything in their power to keep their queen protected, so it’s hard to pick a fight with them.

Professional bee removal service providers are trained to manage hives of all sizes. They know how to keep the insects docile and how to manage them in case they get aggressive.

Keep an Eye Out for Beehives

While it is likely that you won’t notice the hive until it has a significant population, it still pays to keep an eye out for signs of a bee problem. Pinpoint the issue early, and you won’t have to resort to drastic measures to get rid of them.

Bees and wasps usually nest during the spring and summer months.  In a residential property, bees often make their homes in the following places:

• Roof overlaps

• Wall cavities

• Damaged or unscreened vents

• Tree holes

• Pet areas

• Gaps around chimneys

• Wood piles

• Openings around pipes

• Water, meter, cable TV, utility and irrigation boxes

• Pet areas

To make sure bees, wasps, or yellow jackets don’t build hives in these areas, check them regularly.

Get Expert Bee Removal Now!

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