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Natural Bee Repellents for Your Home

Bees, especially honeybees, are some of the most important creatures in our ecosystem. As they fly around in search of nectar, they carry around pollen from different plants, allowing them to reproduce. They also prevent inbreeding between different plants, which can be very bad for them. Simply put, they’re crucial to keeping our ecosystems alive and thriving! Over the recent years, some species of the bee population have been dying out. Many open spaces where bees used to live have...


A Beginner’s Guide to Bee and Wasp Protective Clothing

At The Bee Man, we value the safety of our trusted bee and wasp removal specialists. That’s why whenever we step foot on your property, we’re covered from head to toe with the best protective clothing that money can buy. That way, we can easily remove all bees and wasps from your property without being harmed and continue to service all of Orange County and most parts of Southern California. The same protective clothing is worn by beekeepers all over...


The Plants that Attract or Repel Bees and Wasps

Are you constantly getting harassed by bees and wasps? Are you getting tired of them continually harassing you near your home? Well, then perhaps there are proactive steps that you can do to keep them from constantly wanting to get near your house by removing what draws them there in the first place; removing the flowers. However, keep in mind not all flowers need to be removed from your home, just the ones that are most likely to draw...