Bee and Wasp Exterminators Share Bee Infestation Safety Tips for Rental Property Owners

Bee Hive in a tree

Bee and Wasp Exterminators Share Bee Infestation Safety Tips for Rental Property Owners

Bee Hive in a treeBee infestations in apartments, condos, and other rental properties are a serious matter. Not only can the buzzing insects deal serious damage to the areas around their hive, but they can also sting tenants and trigger potentially fatal allergic reactions. If you spot signs that these unwanted guests have settled in your rental, do not attempt to get rid of them on your own. Contact our bee and wasp exterminators immediately.

Bee Infestation Safety Tips Before Expert Removal

Unless the bee infestation is caused directly by a tenant, landlords or building managers are responsible for mitigating the outbreak. The first thing you need to do is call a bee and wasp exterminator ASAP. While waiting for the experts, conduct the following:

• Find the hive.

Take note of the areas where bees are often spotted. Carefully examine your property and listen for buzzing noises that tend to get louder the closer you get to the hive.

Once you locate the nest, barricade the area and ask your tenants to stay away. Once professionals arrived for bee removal in Orange County, show them the location of the hive so they can get started immediately.

• Relocate the tenants near the hive, if necessary.

Consider transferring tenants with units close to the nest to another location to keep them safe from the stinging insects. If this is not possible, make sure they know what to do whenever they encounter bees. Not only does this keep them safer, but it can also minimize legal trouble should any resident get injured.

• Teach tenants how to deal with the bees.

Most bees only attack when disturbed, threatened, or provoked, so tell your tenants to refrain from disturbing the insects. If they come across bees, ask them to stay calm. They must keep quiet, don’t make any sudden movements, and move away slowly to avoid pushing the bees to aggression. To make sure everyone is properly informed, consider holding a meeting for all residents, and printing out flyers for every unit.

• Stop all attempts to get rid of the bees using the DIY approach.

There is a huge chance that doing so will provoke the insects into attacking anyone close to them. Never try to remove the bees on your own, whether through spraying them with water or pesticide, trying to remove the hive, or killing the bees. It’s best to leave removal to expert bee and wasp exterminators.

• Ask tenants to avoid practices that attract bees.

Bees are drawn to dark colors, floral scents, and sweet smells. To minimize the chances of attracting them, ask your tenants to wear light-colored clothes, stop wearing floral perfumes, and avoid leaving sugary food and drinks out. Remind them to keep pets indoors, and to walk them only in areas far from the hive.

• Learn how to handle bee stings.

Don’t pull out the bee stinger with a tweezer. More often than not, this causes the stinger to lodge deeper. Instead, scrape it off using a dull object or your fingernail. Teach your tenants to do the same.

• Determine which of your tenants are allergic to bee stings.

They are the ones most at risk during a bee infestation. Give them specific instructions to stay away from areas where bees were spotted. In case they get stung, take them to a doctor immediately. Call 911 if they experience severe symptoms, such as hives, swelling, dizziness, and troubled breathing.

Keep Your Tenants Safe from Bee Problems

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