Stay at Home and Call Bee Removal Orange County When You Need Their Services


Stay at Home and Call Bee Removal Orange County When You Need Their Services

Spring has sprung for the honey bee and everyone is staying at home to protect themselves from COVID-19. Now that people are spending more time in their houses, it is particularly important to have access to bee removal Orange County services.




While you are staying healthy indoors, it is entirely possible that spring bees unknowingly begin to invade your space. Like other practices that require professional knowledge (plumbing, electrical work), it is important to call an expert to handle bee removal. Those who try to deal with the situation themselves risk harming themselves and those around them.   


When you call bee removal Orange County services, you will see how this job requires skill, patience, and professional tools to work successfully.


One of the reasons that bee experts do not recommend DIY bee removal is that this job is dangerous. Without protective gear, tools, and knowledge of bees, you risk agitating the colony and getting yourself and others stung. In many cases, swarms will also be positioned higher up, which adds the danger of someone losing their balance on an unstable surface and injuring themselves from a fall. 


Another reason why you should hire bee removal Orange County services is to ensure that all the bees and their honey-filled cavities are thoroughly cleaned out from your home. If this is not done properly, you could risk attracting another colony of bees, other insects, or rodents to the remains. In order to ensure that no more damage is done to the property, you should call bee experts who know how to take care of the situation and take preventative measures for next time.  


Bee removal Orange County services are the best way to ensure that honey bees are protected as they are removed from your home. Since these insects are so valuable to our ecosystem, it is important to treat them with respect. Bee experts will know the best way to remove infestations without harming you or the bees!  


Here are some things to keep in mind when coming into contact with bees on your property. 


Bee Swarms


These kinds of situations are common in the late spring or early summertime. While bee swarms can look frightening to any bystander, they are actually not very dangerous. Swarms are a method by which bees congregate to wait for a new nest to be located. Since these bees are out in the open with no honey or hive to protect, their behavior is rather mild. They should not exhibit aggression unless they are actively being threatened by people throwing things. Bee swarms will stay around for a few hours to a few days. As long as they are not disturbed, they will not bother anyone. 


When coming into contact with a swarm, be sure to give enough distance between you and the bees and allow them to move on their own terms. If, for some reason, this swarm is in a place that endangers other people (like at the entrance of a building) then you should call bee removal services to handle the situation. 


Bee Hives


Hive infestations can cause severe damage to a property. The nest can compromise the structure of a building and the honey can cause moisture damage to walls as well as attract other unwanted insects and rodents. When locating a hive, you should stay as far away as possible and call bee removal services to do a thorough inspection. Bee experts can tell you the level of damage you are facing and create a strategy to remove the bees in the best way. Some bee removal experts will also offer repair services or at least recommend the best way to avoid bee infestations in that location in the future.