What’s the Buzz on Pollen?


What’s the Buzz on Pollen?

As bee experts and enthusiasts, we are interested in every aspect of bees. Chances are, you are familiar with pollen, but how familiar are you with the specific facts? So what’s the buzz and why are they so important to bees? Bees have a very important job to do, and pollen is a part of that crucial process. We love to educate the public about the wonderful world of bees, so today, the #1 bee and wasp removal is going to be your teacher on what the buzz on pollen is all about!

What exactly is the connection between bees and pollen?

You may have learned in your elementary school science class about the role of bees in our ecosystem, but how much information from your lessons do you remember? If the answer is not much, don’t worry – we’ll give you a refresher. Pollination is a fundamental process in the life of a flower. In order to reproduce and create new flowers, a bee takes both the pollen and the nectar from the male reproductive organ of the flower to the female reproductive organ. Studying pollen even gives us clues about what the earth was like a long, long time ago. Pollen has existed as an evolutionary process for plants for around 375 million years!

If you are a gardener, florist, or just a general lover of flowers in general, you can thank the bees for the beautiful sights and smells that bestow upon you!

It can travel hundreds of miles away!

There are three ways that pollen can travel: through the wind, water, or through an animal such as, of course, a bee.

Pollen allergy is very common

Over 25 million Americans are allergic to pollen. That’s almost 20% of the entire country’s population! However, not everyone is allergic to the same type of pollen. Some people are allergic to pollen that is generated only during certain times of the year. You may already be familiar with this notion, commonly known as seasonal allergies. Pollen can also be distressing to individuals with asthma. 

Pollen can also be used as food supplements.

This is not incredibly common, but pollen has also been used as an appetite and health stimulant. Some have enjoyed it on their yogurt, smoothie bowls, and oatmeal! It’s probably not your go-to topping for your breakfast in the morning compared to pouring a fresh batch of golden honey on your cereal.

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