Eco-friendly And Natural Methods of Bee Removal


Eco-friendly And Natural Methods of Bee Removal

The number of honey bees is decreasing. Because they pollinate, bees are among the most significant insects because this enables the growth of food. Farmers can also rent Beehives to fertilize their crops. Therefore, getting rid of bees without killing them is better if you have a bee problem. Who doesn’t enjoy honey, too? We wouldn’t have honey without honey bees. That is why we try to avoid killing them whenever possible. The following techniques will help you get rid of bees without harming them. So how does an Orange County bee removal company like The Beeman work their magic?

  • Cinnamon

Honey bees avoid cinnamon because of its intense aroma, and should be applied to the places where you want to keep bees away. If you want it to last longer, you’ll need to do this every day for about a week. This strategy works wonderfully if you’re going to keep bees out of your yard but drive them away from your house. This strategy should work for you if you don’t mind bees around but don’t want them near your porch or doors.

  • Citronella

As a repellent of bees and mosquitoes, citronella is effective. You can use a citronella candle to entice bees to go if you have a beehive indoors. Although it won’t hurt them, getting them to go will take some time. You’ll need to keep the candles burning for a few days to be effective. Make sure you do this on a day when it will be most effective because the bees won’t venture outside if it is windy or raining.

  • Garlic Spray

Again, bees have keen senses of smell, and we all know how potent the smell of garlic is. To make a garlic spray, crush a few garlic cloves and combine them with water. Spritz it all around your house and their hive to convince them to leave.

  • Peppermint

Honey bees do not enjoy the strong scent of peppermint—plant peppermint plants in any area of your home where you don’t want bees to congregate. In addition to utilizing the peppermint when necessary, you’ll chase the bees away.

  • Smoke

The best way to drive honey bees out of your home and keep them out is probably smoke. Due to their keen sense of smell, honey bees mistake smoke for a forest fire, which causes them to flee and, most likely, never return. Make a smokey fire out of cardboard and dead firewood beneath the hive. Please stay away from the bees while they are being smoked out. It is advisable to retreat inside since, when disturbed, they will turn aggressive.

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