Preventing Beehive Dangers with Immediate Bee and Wasp Removal

beehive colony

Preventing Beehive Dangers with Immediate Bee and Wasp Removal

The presence of a beehive on your property is cause for alarm not only to you but your community as well. The longer it stays, the harder it will be to remove. Contact a professional bee and wasp removal company immediately at the first sign of a hive in your home. Doing so will help you avoid the various dangers that accompany bees.

beehive colonyCommon Beehive Locations

Bees can build their hives almost anywhere in your property. Common areas include the following:

  • Tree Holes
  • Wall Cavities
  • Roof Overlaps
  • Damaged Vents
  • Openings Around Pipes
  • Utility and Irrigation Boxes
  • Rodent Burrows

Identify places in your home that have these features. Take measures to cover or repair them to keep bees from using them as a hive.

Dangers of a Beehive in Your Property

Beehives commonly appear during spring or summer when flowers are in full bloom. If you spot one in your property, contact a bee or wasp exterminator near me immediately. Otherwise, you’ll expose everyone near the site to these dangers:

• Aggressive Bee Behavior

Africanized bees can get aggressive, especially if there is no nectar available nearby to collect. They may resort to stealing from other hives, causing those robbed to become overprotective of their home. Some will attack anyone that gets too close to their hive. Bees will also take an aggressive stance if they were recently attacked by larger animals.

• Stings

Bee stings are another serious concern. They can cause extreme pain, itching, and swelling because of the venom injected into the skin. What’s more, recovering from a sting takes time, and the affected area can stay swollen for days. With a beehive in your yard, multiple stings are a major possibility.

• Allergies

Bee stings can be fatal to people who are allergic to them. In addition to pain, itchiness, and swelling, those stung also experience health-endangering side effects, such as dizziness, suffocation, vomiting, and diarrhea. The bee sting will linger for a few hours. Medical assistance must be administered immediately to the individual affected.

• Second Hive

Allowing a beehive to stay in your property increases the risk of a second one. Bee colonies often split, with the smaller group leaving to build a new hive nearby. There’s a possibility that the smaller swarm will stay within your area or, worse, move into your home. This means a bigger risk of stings and a fire hazard if the new hive is near a heat source. In this case, bee and wasp removal will take longer and cost more.

Act Now and Bee-Free!

If you see a beehive on your grounds, don’t attempt to remove it on your own. Contact a professional bee removal service to handle the situation and prevent further danger on your property. Expect the experts to:

Identify the type of bee, wasp, or yellow jacket in your house
Develop and implement the best course of action
Provide ways of preventing future infestation

Don’t put yourself at risk by letting a beehive stay on your property. Count on The Bee Man for fast, effective, and humane bee removal in Orange County! Our services are available 24/7, ensuring that no one in your community gets stung. Call 949-455-0123 to schedule your removal service!