Bee Removal Experts Advise Parents to Teach Their Kids Bee Safety

Bee Removal Experts Advise Parents to Teach Their Kids Bee Safety

While the honeybee is known for its importance in our ecosystem, many people forget that this creature can sometimes interrupt our domestic lives simply by its close proximity. With an increased mixing of urban and natural spaces, bee removal experts in Orange County have seen bees establishing their hives in neighborhood parks, backyard gardens, and even inside homes! Children are at particular risk of these creatures because they have small bodies that cannot fight off bee venom as efficiently as an adult. It is important to teach kids how to react to bees when they see them without panicking or attacking them. This will prevent any potentially harmful accidents between a child and bee and maintain a peaceful coexistence. 


Bees vs Wasps

When you first start educating your child on stinging insects, you should make sure to distinguish them. Honeybees are one type of insect your child might encounter. However, yellow jackets and other kinds of wasps might be in your local area. You can do some research with your child and show them pictures of each insect so that they know how to recognize them in and around their home. Either way, it’s best to teach your kids to exercise caution when it comes to insects they are unsure about. Leaving insects alone will ensure that no one is hurt by any surprises.

In general, these creatures will not sting people unless they feel like they or their nest is threatened. Honeybees are the least threatening since they are only able to sting someone once before they die. However, wasps and female bumblebees can sting multiple times and, thus, may show more aggressive traits. 

Safety Tips

As you teach your kids about bees, make sure to give them some actionable advice that they can exercise when they are playing outside. Here are some of the best tips to share:

  • Always wear shoes! When children run around barefoot, they are at risk of stepping on bees and receiving a nasty sting. 
  • Never swat a bee! While it may feel natural to wave your hand at a fly, you want to make sure that you don’t do this to a bee. This will agitate them and make them more likely to sting. Tell your children to be calm and still when they see a bee flying near them.
  • Watch out for nests. Typically, bees will establish their nests on tree branches, under picnic tables, in hollowed-out trees, sheds, and other dark cavities. Make sure that your children are aware of these common locations so that they can be extra careful when they are playing. This includes not sticking hands into any unknown holes in logs and trees, especially when bees seem to be in the area. 

When you talk to your kids about bees, you are allowing them to make smart, informed decisions if they see this insect on their own. Many kids are scared to be near stinging insects, especially if they have a known allergen or they have never been stung. As long as you can share some knowledge, this will help your children be a little more confident and know how to react to any dangerous situations. If you are ever faced with a bee infestation in your own home or backyard, make sure to call bee removal services in Orange County to safely eliminate the threat for your family.