Bee Removal Advice: Here’s What to Do if You Find Bees in Your Chimney

Bee Removal Advice: Here’s What to Do if You Find Bees in Your Chimney

In terms of domestic bee infestations in California, chimneys are one of the most common places to find a wayward hive. The bee removal experts of The Beeman say that unlit chimneys are so attractive to bees because they are cold, dark, and mostly protected from the outside elements. Unfortunately, this situation can be very frightening for homeowners and cause many people to try and remove the hive themselves. Many websites will say that you can ward off an infestation in your chimney by lighting a fire. In theory, the smoke will force the bees out the top of the chimney and away from your home. However, there are some cases in which lighting a fire can actually make the situation worse.


Lighting your chimney to remove a hive may work temporarily but this will not stop the bees from coming back. In fact, there are situations in which people have tried lighting a fire for several days but, once the fire goes out, the bees return. Sometimes, bees will even hover around the home, waiting for the fire to extinguish, which can make things worse for homeowners. The success of lighting a fire in an infested chimney depends largely on whether or not the hive is fully established. This may work if you simply have a swarm of bees trapped in your chimney. However, if they have already started to build their honeycomb, then you will have a serious problem on your hands. Lighting a fire will cause the honey and wax to melt inside your chimney which can cause moisture damage and mold. You might even attract more bees, insects, and pests to your home if the sweet, melted honey remains on the inside of your chimney.

Another problem with lighting a fire to get rid of an infestation in your chimney is that this will likely anger the bees. Honey bees are typically not aggressive, but the smoke from the fire can provoke them into fight-or-flight mode. This will make them more likely to sting you, your kids, your pets, and your neighbors. Lighting a wood-burning fire might work to force the bees out of your chimney, but if you have a gas-burning fire, then this may not be enough to keep them from entering the home. If they are agitated by the fire, then they may enter your home ready to attack. 

For all of these reasons, it is always safer to hire professional bee removal services like those provided by The Beeman than trying to take care of an infestation problem yourself. The long-shared advice of lighting a chimney to get rid of a bee problem may work for some people but it could also put other people at risk of a more severe bee situation. Even if the solution seems to work at first, you never know if the same swarm will return when your fire is not lit. So, if you notice loud buzzing or even see a couple of bees entering your home from the chimney, then you should immediately close the chimney off from your home and call bee removal experts. They will help you prevent a bigger problem from developing by safely eliminating the threat and cleaning any remaining debris. Bee removal experts have the proper tools and knowledge to solve an infestation and decrease your chances of having another one in the future.