Evict Unwanted Stinging House Guests with Bee and Wasp Removal

Evict Unwanted Stinging House Guests with Bee and Wasp Removal

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Bees spell good news for the ecosystem, but once they take up residence near or within your property, you’re right to start feeling threatened. Now, the key here is not to panic, but to call bee and wasp removal professionals as soon as you can. But what makes the sight of bees near your home such an urgent issue?

    • They can be dangerous.
      Most bees are not aggressive, but if they are provoked in any way, they will attack relentlessly. Unfortunately, one can disturb a hive even without meaning to. A curious kid starts poking around a hive, a curious dog starts chasing bees, or you might hit the hive accidentally while cleaning around the house.Bee stings contain venom, and at the very least, their stings will cause swelling and pain to the affected area. However, bees often attack in swarms, resulting in serious injury to the victim. And if one of your loved ones is allergic to bee stings, even one sting can be fatal.


    • They may form more colonies.
      Let’s say you decide to leave the hive alone, and instruct the rest of your household to do so. It’s still not possible to coexist peacefully with a beehive! Bee colonies can split and form even more hives. Worse, there’s a big possibility that these new hives will settle near your home, near the original hive. Not only does this increase the risk to your household, but the removal process will cost you more once you finally decide to call in bee and wasp exterminators.


    • They can cause damage to property.
      A common image that comes to mind when people think of hives are the ones latched onto trees or on the roof. This is far from the truth. For instance, the framing between walls of structures is a favorite place for bee colonies.Does your home’s architecture include Spanish roof tiles or enclosed fascia? Do you have water control boxes or enclosed utility boxes? Are there any vehicles or equipment left stationary for a very long period on your property? All of these are potential homes for bee colonies. Our experts on bee removal in Orange County know where to find colonies to make sure everything is removed from your property.


  • They can attract more pests.
    The removal of the hive is not the final solution to the problem. If there are any honeycomb left inside the wall, it will still attract bees to that location. In addition, beeswax emits a sweet, honey odor. Left in a wall or an enclosed space, this scent can attract rats, ants, and other creatures. Bee removal is a meticulous process, and should only be left to professionals. Done by amateurs, it can cause more harm than good.

The moment you see a beehive near your home, call a professional ASAP. The Bee Man has served Southern California since 1977, and we know all there is to know when it comes to effective and long-lasting bee and wasp removal. Just a simple call, and we’ll be on our way to remove these pests from your property for good.