Determining the Presence of Honeycomb: A Crucial Component of Bee Removal in Orange County

Honeycomb bee

Determining the Presence of Honeycomb: A Crucial Component of Bee Removal in Orange County

Honeycomb bee

Bee invasion is one of the most disturbing things that can happen at any property. Bees can easily sneak in the corner of your home and claim space, making bee removal in Orange County a big challenge. In addition, knowing how to get rid of bees depends on a lot of factors — including the presence of honeycomb.

Signs that Honeycomb is Present

Determining the presence of honeycomb is a vital part of bee removal. It helps prevent possible architectural damage from melting honey and halt future invasions from other pests. This process also helps eliminate any prospect of bees returning.

When bees have firmly established a hive, a honeycomb is likely to be present. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • The bees remain in the area for 48-72 hours.

Bees can easily dart in and out of a particular place, and make no permanent foothold. However, when bees stay for many days, there is a good chance that honeycomb is present in the area.

  • The bees are more territorial than ever.

When there is honeycomb present in the walls or any other infested area, bees fiercely guard it more than ever. Their ferocity is an indicator of having a foothold in that section of the house.

  • Honeycomb draws rats, roaches, ants, and other bees.

Once you notice rodents and other insects going to a specific area, it’s likely that the honeycomb is there. What’s worse is that is that it can attract the infamous Africanized bee, which is more defensive and is deadlier than regular bees. Because of the dangers posed by attractive honeycombs, action must be done immediately.

Potential Honeycomb Targets

Bees can build hives and honeycombs in many areas around your home. Experts in bee removal in Orange County have listed the most common targets for bees:

  • Wall cavities
  • Tree holes
  • Openings near pipes
  • Empty containers
  • Unscreened or damaged vents
  • Sheds
  • Tree holes
  • Wood piles

If you live in places prone to bee invasion, be sure to do regular checks on the said areas. Conduct inspections primarily during spring and summer when bee activity is at its height.

Get the Honeycomb Out Now!

Honeycomb removal is essential to making sure that other pests or a new set of bees do not infest the same spot. However, this task is not for everyone. You need the help of a trained professional who uses specialized techniques and equipment to get rid of the beehive.

For efficient and seamless honeycomb removal, you can count on The Bee Man to complete the job. As a trusted provider of bee and wasp removal services in Southern California since 1977, you can count on us to get rid of all honeycomb from the affected area. To schedule a service or request, call us at (949) 455-0123.