Fast Facts: Things You Should Know About Bee and Wasp Removal

Group of Bees

Fast Facts: Things You Should Know About Bee and Wasp Removal

Group of Bees

Bees are beneficial for the environment, but unless you’re a professional beekeeper, bees buzzing in your home and your property are always bad news. Always call the pros for bee and wasp removal at the first sign of these stinging pests.

In the meantime, remember these fast facts to keep you and your loved ones safe while The Bee Man makes their way to your home ASAP.

What You Should Know About Bees

  • Bees can attack for reasons you’re not aware of.

    Bees are extremely territorial, and they will attack at the slightest hint of threat, such as a curious child playing near a hidden hive. Once the attack begins, it’s difficult to get away from the swarm.

    Here’s what you can do if you accidentally encounter bees:

    • Remain calm. Quietly move away until you can’t see them anymore.
    • If they start to sting, run away in a straight line and take cover in a building or vehicle as soon as possible.
    • Do not wave your arms, swat at the bees, or scream. Use your shirt or arms to shield your face as you try to escape.
    • Don’t hide behind a thick bush or in the water. The bees will continue to attack you when you come to the surface for air.
  • Always assume that bee stings are dangerous.

    Every sting is a big deal, so don’t take any chances. Bee stings can also be fatal to people who are allergic to them, so don’t forget to apply bee sting first aid in the event of an attack.

    If you are stung:

    • Scrape out the stinger to stop it from pumping venom. Wash the area with water and soap, then apply a cold pack to the area.
    • If you start feeling nauseous and dizzy, and it becomes hard to breathe, you may be having an allergic reaction. Call 911 or rush to an ER for medical treatment.
  • The damage to your home can continue even when the bees are gone.

    Your bee problem doesn’t end when the bees are gone. Removing the bees and the hive is only the first part of bee removal in Orange County.

    Rotting honey and dead bees can attract rodents and other pests to your home. In addition, their entry and exit points need to be sealed permanently. Only when these issues are addressed can the bee problem be considered resolved.

  • DIY bee removal methods can make your bee problem worse.

    Search for “DIY bee removal” online, and you’ll find a wealth of tutorials and videos encouraging you to do it yourself. If you don’t have prior experience removing bees and wasp, don’t attempt to do this.Proper bee removal requires special equipment such as protective clothing, and may also involve chemicals that can be toxic in the hands of amateurs. Not to mention the possibility of provoking a bee attack and incorrect disposal, and you might have a bigger problem in your hands.

Find the Most Reliable Bee and Wasp Exterminator near Me

Bee and wasp removal is a labor-intensive, time-consuming, and hazardous task, so leave it in the hands of The Bee Man! We serve neighborhoods from Aliso Viejo, San Clemente, Laguna Hills, Trabuco Canyon, Irvine, and many more.