Do’s and Don’ts of Bee Removal in Orange County


Do’s and Don’ts of Bee Removal in Orange County

Are you thinking of an approach to bee removal in Orange County? If so, we have created a do’s and don’ts guide based on our expert opinion. Bee removal can be a tricky, labor-intensive process for amateurs. You could encounter an estimated 10,000 to 60,000 or more bees, depending on the size and age of the hive near your home. If you do not go about bee removal properly, you could be dealing with extreme stings and wind up in the emergency room. That is why it is so important to have background knowledge of bees. Let’s dive into the do’s and don’ts of bee removal.

Don’ts of Bee Removal

The following methods are ill-advised for bee removal in Orange County:

Use soap and water

Though the mixture of soap and water sounds like a natural remedy, it is not very effective in driving honey bees out of a location when they have chosen said location as their home. Experts do not recommend using soapy water to control a colony of bees in areas such as hollow trees or wall voids. Additionally, it is not ethical to drown honey bees. 

Spray chemicals of wasp or bee killer product 

Chemicals and pesticides will not immediately kill the bees. If anything, these products will only aggravate bees. Your goal should not be to kill bees, but rather it should be to lure them away from your property. 

Seal the bees’ entry point

You should not try to trap or isolate the bees because you will very likely aggravate the colony. Oftentimes, trapped bees will furiously look for an escape, and you would be putting yourself in grave danger.

Wait for the problem to go away on its own

Do not procrastinate on the bee removal process. You want to get rid of the bees on your property as quickly as possible. The longer you put bee removal off, the more problems and damage the bees can cause. During the spring, a colony of bees typically swarms, and half of a hive leaves to find a new location. Those bees could potentially move into the second location of your home or your neighbor’s home, which is really inconvenient. Also, keep in mind that the more a bee hive ages, the larger and more challenging it will be to remove.  

Do’s of Bee Removal

The following methods are recommended for bee removal in Orange County:

Try natural bee removal remedies

Bees are highly sensitive to certain smells such as cinnamon, citrus, and garlic. You can try to drive the bees away by applying cinnamon to affected areas or burning citronella candles for a few days. You could also try making a DIY garlic spray and spritz it around your property. Eco-friendly, natural methods are the way to go.

Contact an expert bee removal service

Make sure that the bee remover you choose is licensed and has liability insurance. Liability insurance is important because it protects both the bee remover and you, the property. Seek out professional bee removal in Irvine, CA. Our company has been in business for 45 years, and our experts are licensed and insured.


When it comes to an eco-friendly, ethical solution to removing bees from your property, consider the odors that bees are most sensitive to and do not hesitate to ask for help from the bee removal experts.