How to Keep Bees Away When You’re Dining Outside

How to Keep Bees Away When You’re Dining Outside

While many of us enjoy eating outdoors, it just so happens that bees will sometimes invite themselves to these outdoor festivities. This can be unpleasant for us if they fly around our personal space or land on food and drinks. However, there are a few methods that can be taken to prevent attracting any bees and, thus, improve the overall picnic experience. Bee and wasp removal experts are here to share their best tips.


Deciding on a Location

One thing to consider, before getting into bee repellents, is choosing an optimal spot to set up your eating area. Bees are attracted to strong scents, so sitting away from trash cans would be wise. Bees will likely be around wastebaskets due to the various sweet-smelling items that may be in there. Also, if you notice any bees that are flying back and forth from a specific area, there may be a bee nest somewhere in the vicinity, so it’s best not to set up near that spot.  

Making Your Location a Repellent 

Now that you’ve chosen your location, we can get into different methods that will keep those bees away from your picnic area. 

  • Keep some cucumbers nearby. Cucumbers are perfect for the summer as they keep you refreshed and go well with salads. This vegetable is also good at keeping bees away because bees aren’t fond of the acidity the cucumber peel has. Placing the peels around your area will help bees and other insects stay away from your food. 
  • Make a pretend hive. Another method is to place fake hives around your dining area. Bees are naturally territorial so they will usually steer clear of what they believe are enemy hives to avoid being attacked. Blowing up brown paper bags and hanging them around your location will help keep bees away.  
  • Sprinkle some cloves. Cloves are also another excellent deterrent for those black and yellow insects. Bees hate the warm and spicy smell of cloves, so putting a few of them around your eating location can be very beneficial. 
  • Use fabric softener. Don’t you love the smell of fabric softener? Well, bees hate it and will stay far away from it. Stick a dryer sheet in your pocket, in your bag, around the table, or under containers that are holding food. You can even rub one on your skin if you want extra protection. 

Additional Things to Consider

Remember that bees are attracted to flowers, so avoiding the use of bright and floral prints on plates, napkins, and table covers would be wise. According to bee and wasp exterminators, there are even some colors that can naturally provoke them. Dark colors like red and black are perceived as aggressive predators so they will be more agitated and defensive towards you. Sticking to white or pale colors would be the best choice. Your smell could also be a factor in whether or not bees give you a visit. Avoiding perfumes that smell like flowers will help keep bees away. 

Whenever you plan on dining outside, be sure to follow these tips from bee and wasp removal professionals like The Bee Man. These will help you have a better outdoor experience with less unwanted flying guests around. Bon appétit!