SoCal Bee Removal Experts Explain The Importance Of Their Expertise


SoCal Bee Removal Experts Explain The Importance Of Their Expertise

Dealing with nests without expertise

When it comes to the southern parts of California, there is no denying that denizens have had a great issue with removing bees at their homes, especially in Orange county. Trying to accomplish such a task yourself can be challenging, especially when the reactions of bee colonies can be unpredictable at best. Requesting the help of professional bee removal experts should be the best course of action going forward. 

Finishing a job right

In order to permanently remove a beehive from a location, you need to realize that not all hives can be removed the same way. If even a single honeycomb remains then the issue will still continue to haunt you, meaning that the assistance of professionals is needed to thoroughly fix the problem.

Looking to experts for help

The bee experts that are more than familiar with this type of work, as well as the infestation cycles that bees have, will know the best procedures for the job. Perceiving the flight patterns and directions that bees go in is one such procedure that can relay the location of the hive. For example: 

Understanding the bees’ search habits

Bees will most likely be searching an area to bring the rest of the hive if they are flying about in odd or irregular motions, meaning they have yet to make roost at your location. This can quickly change however if you notice that their flight patterns are more coordinated and they are moving to and from a certain hole or gap within certain infrastructure which can mean that the rest of the hive is nearby. 

The process of hive building

Bee removal can be challenging since hives are not to be underestimated nor scoffed at, especially since they can hold around 50,000 other bees at once which can quickly split off into other colonies if multiple queens are created. This process can be quick since most hives only remain at the original hive for a handful of days until the scouts find a more convenient location 90% of the time. It can usually only around 3 days for these scout bees to find a new home for their colony. To understand where a hive would stay you need to think of areas that will shield a bee colony from dangerous factors such as the weather or animals. This can make gaps, sheds, piles of debris or most objects that offer roof cover a popular location for these scout bees finds. After these scouts relay the best location to the home colony, it will not take long for them to build a new honeycomb at their new home of choice. This exercise in moving from one home to the next and having more colonies split off from the original will continue if left unattended. 

The dangers of allowing the hive to fester

When confronted by different breeds of bees as well as the infestation cycle, you will quickly realize that there are several variables at work when it comes to bee removal. It can be quite dangerous if you do not know the proper procedures for bee removal, not the least of which should you anger them when you destroy their hive using unsuitable methods. The hive must be destroyed in its totality, and failure to destroy the structure of the hive, their honeycomb, or any of the areas they planted themselves into can lead scouts from other hives to pick up the pieces and start all over again. 

Allowing professional help

Since bee removal can be such a challenging prospect that can lead to plenty of painful stings and frustration, it’s recommended that those who specialize in this area do the job for you, so that the inconvenience of such an issue is kept at a minimum.