Bee Removal Professionals In Orange County Can Safely Relocate Beehives

Bee Removal Professionals In Orange County Can Safely Relocate Beehives

Beehives can be seen in two lights: nothing more than a simple bother or a dangerous risk. While many individuals may attempt to remove bees from their property on their own, the job must be done properly or another colony will form. Moreover, bee removal in Orange County should be handled by bee removal professionals with the proper equipment.


If a bee colony becomes too excessive in quantity, they are likely to divide amongst themselves. If this is the case, about 50% of that colony will search for a new home. Understandably, a swarm of bees can be a little startling, but there is no need to worry. Unless a swarm of bees has a hive to shelter themselves in, the bees are less likely to sting. If you find a hefty amount of bees high up in a tree or flying close to the floor, then it’s safe to say they’ve found a new home for themselves. If you come across bees that have just landed, then you can prevent the creation of a new hive by contacting bee removal experts in Orange County. The experts will collect the bees and have them do what they do best–pollinate the wide range of flowers and crops found in California.

The removal of a beehive isn’t all that easy. For one, it’s highly likely that the hive has already settled in. Second, there are other more alarming insects out there who utilize a hive or nest as well. Some examples of such insects are wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets to name a few. Many bee professionals will ask the homeowner to pinpoint what type of bee they are dealing with, but this act should be taken with extreme caution because “killer” honey bees or Africanized honey bees call Orange County home too. This species of bees are known to present a serious threat to even the healthiest of adults because they are immensely territorial. If you are ever unsure, contact professional bee movers to properly and safely relocate the hive.

Removing a Hive Yourself?

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to attempt to remove a beehive themselves, which is often unsuccessful. Some people get stung multiple times, others fail to fully eliminate the composition of the hive, which only causes more problems altogether. If a hive remains intact, there’s a great possibility that surviving bees or a completely new colony could inhabit it. Removing all traces of the hive (such as leftover scents) and preventing any open access point (if the hive was situated in a tree or structure) are prime measures to take in order to ensure the hive has been terminated. 

While bees certainly do wonders for pollinating flowers and crops, a hive can be extremely dangerous and cause destruction to the structure of your property. Bee hives are also alarming if they are too close to children, the elderly, and individuals who are allergic to bee stings. Hire bee removal professionals in Orange County like The Bee Man if you want the job done right.