Avoid Costly Bee and Wasp Removal Mistakes with Expert Exterminators

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Avoid Costly Bee and Wasp Removal Mistakes with Expert Exterminators

Seeing a bee or wasp flying through your property is not a cause of concern, but seeing several around certain areas of your home in a short period? You may have an infestation in your hands. Follow the insects to determine where they are coming from. If the bees or wasps have nested in your property, contact a professional bee and wasp removal team immediately. Don’t try to remove them on your own to avoid these costly mistakes.

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Common Bee and Wasp Removal Mistakes

The stakes are high when it comes to bee and wasp removal. One mistake can push these stinging insects into high alert, making them more likely to attack anyone who ventures close to their nest. Don’t put your household at risk by taking the DIY route. Let the professionals take care of your unwanted guests to avoid these mistakes:

Sealing the nest entrance on your own

Bees and wasps can nest in the spaces between your home’s walls and foundations. All they need is a small hole or crevice to enter the structure. Once they found the main entry point of their unwanted guests’ nest, most homeowners seal it to trap the insects inside or keep them from returning to their homes. This can be a critical mistake.

Sealing the entrance is the right thing to do, but certain measures must be taken before closing the entry point. Otherwise, you’ll only force bees and wasps to find other ways to access their nest. Most will explore your home for other entry points, consequently turning your entire place into a danger zone.

Experts on bee removal in Orange County know what measures to take to prevent such post-sealing issues. Call them immediately once you’ve identified the nest entrance in your home.

Using insecticides improperly

Not all insecticides are designed to kill or subdue bees and wasps. Those that are formulated for them often come with specific application instructions to ensure thorough extermination. Most only affect the insects that are exposed to the chemicals. Few homeowners are aware of this, resulting in incomplete applications that often leave aggressive survivors behind.

Bee removal experts use pesticides strategically. Using solutions with the lowest toxicity possible, they only spot spray the site-specific area for health safety reasons.

Not wearing protection equipment

Long sleeve shirts, pants, and gloves won’t cut it if you’re tackling a bee or wasp infestation head-on. You need to wear proper protective gear. Otherwise, you’ll risk getting stung when these insects become are protective of their nest. This is not a danger for professional bee and wasp exterminators since they always use industry-grade protective gear before managing various pests.

Leaving honeycombs behind

If bees have made their home in your property for quite some time, their nest would likely have honeycombs. Most homeowners barely pay attention to them beyond harvesting their honey after insect removal, which can give way to various problems.

If honeycombs or traces of them are left behind, other bees may build homes on or near them. Rats, roaches, and other pests are also attracted to these sweet treats.

Ensure a Problem-Free Bee and Wasp Removal

Avoid these costly mistakes with professional bee and wasp removal from The Bee Man Buzz. Count on our team for fast, efficient, thorough, and humane solutions. Our services are available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to contact us at the first sign of an infestation. Call us now at 949-455-0123 to set your removal consultation.