What to Do in the Event of a Bee Attack, A Guide To Bee and Wasp Removal

What to Do in the Event of a Bee Attack, A Guide To Bee and Wasp Removal


Normally when a person thinks of bees, they imagine them to be harmless. Sure, they can sting you, which is painful, but bee stings are common and not really seen as a big deal. If someone were to come across a beehive, they might think it’s not dangerous, but it’s important to understand that it could be. Bee stings are especially harmful to those that are allergic and those that have multiple stings. In the event of a bee attack, here are some tips to go over that might save you serious injury:

  1. Run away in a straight line – The first thing you want to do if you come across a group of bees is to run away. It is preferable to do this in a straight line and for as long as possible.
  2. Don’t yell/scream – While it may be instinctive for you to want to yell or scream, it’s best not to alarm the bees as it would aggravate them. Quietly run in the other direction and try to remain discreet.
  3. Don’t jump into a pool/water – While bees cannot go underwater, they will hover every time you come up for air and will sting you. This can lead to injuries and you will be unable to stay underwater.

These tips can help you get to a safe location. After getting to that location it’s important to call on bee and wasp removal experts. They know everything there is to know about them, including why they are good for the environment and how to stay protected in the event of a bee attack. With this in mind, one company that has glowing recommendations would be The Bee Man. In terms of bee and wasp removal, they have great recommendations and the business is thoroughly educated on the subject. In the event of a bee attack, it is better to call a bee and wasp removal expert than to remove them yourself, as over 10 stings can lead to hospitalization, particularly if you are allergic. 

While bees and wasps are important to the planet’s ecosystem (one third of the food population depends on it) this is best practiced by trained professionals and bee farmers. The reason for this is that bees are necessary for keeping the environment safe. Since there are many species of bees and we don’t want to get rid of them altogether, it is that much more important to contact bee and wasp removal experts so they know how to handle the situation. 

If you’re looking to ensure that beehives and swarms of bees are less likely to coincide on your property, here are some tips to prevent this:

  1. Close up all holes – Bees can navigate in small places, therefore it is important to close up areas that have too many holes.
  2. Avoid flowers and plants that attract bees – Since bees are born with an ability to pollinate, it might be better to avoid flowers and plants that attract bees outside your home.
  3. Cover up outdoor items – Make sure there isn’t too much clutter outdoors, and that you cover your household items to avoid nesting

These are simple home remedies to use if you have a run-in with bees or wasps. Remember to contact The Bee Man for bee and wasp removal if the problem is too much for you to handle.